Virtual Co-Counsel

Are you distracted by clients who are demanding of your time and attention? Have you frustrated those same clients by avoiding their calls, emails, and text messages? Lawyers working in partnerships or professional associations have the built-in benefit of co-counsel. As a solo practitioner, you can enjoy the same  support and credibility by contracting SCS to provide essential client management for your most challenging cases.

SCS offers “Virtual Co-Counsel” to support your client-management needs.

Let’s face it: not all attorneys give the best customer service. As a result, clients may feel a heightened sense of anxiety or become more demanding for their attorney’s time and attention. Unfortunately, when clients are at odds with their attorneys, this tension leads to a phenomenon which contributes to the #1 Bar complaint: failure to communicate with the client.

SCS provides the support you need. With decades of customer service expertise, and a track record for client satisfaction, we provide solo practitioners the added benefit of having an attorney on board who can communicate with your most difficult clients while advising them how your legal strategy is working to their benefit. Our system for resolving attorney-client conflict will save the practitioner valuable time while meeting the client’s needs with the necessary communication, legal analysis, and compassion to keep the case on track.

Virtual Co-Counsel can save you time, relax tensions, and deliver optimal customer service to your clients.