Collaborative Divorce

More than just legal: SCS integrates the law with our compassion for families in crisis. You can hire a private judge (arbitrator) or mediator for your family law dispute. Selassie Consulting Services is your private solution to  dispute resolution, family coaching, and supportive legal servies. All of our work is legally binding. Flexible hours. Virtual dispute resolution and/or family coaching are available. Serving Florida and Georgia families.

Two Lawyers Working Together

Dispute with dignity: You do not have to be overwhelmed by the family court process.

Our collaborative approach starts with the end in mind. What are your goals? How can we facilitate healthy communication? How does the law apply with respect to what you each want in the case?

Most people begin by filing a case in the court. In our experience, the outcome is less stressful and more productive if you begin negotiating BEFORE a lawsuit is ever filed. After speaking with both of you, we can offer solutions which will cut down the stress, time, and expense of resolving your differences.

Protect Your Privacy:

How does private dispute management work?

You have the legal right to handle your separation privately. We are passionate about empowering you. We educate you how to take control of the way you address your differences. We explain each step of the process along the way and make sure you understand exactly what is going on and what to expect next. We are here for you if you have any questions, and will make sure to be there until you have the final court papers your family needs.



Sherlyn “Char” Selassie is uniquely qualified to help parties find common ground, and is especially talented seeing the big picture in disputes. Gifted with compassion and a sharp understanding of the law, she helps individuals identify solutions to their disagreements in a way that will promote healing to both sides.

Take control of the process. We invite you and your spouse or former partner to get started by booking your personalized evaluation and case plan.

Book Your Case Evaluation Now To Get The Support You Need.

Fee Schedule


Complex Collaborative Divorce (more than 3 disputed issues, complex financial estate) – $15,000

Standard Collaborative Divorce – $6,000*

Settlement Agreements (you worked out the details but need to make it legally effective) – $1,500*


Custody Mediation by the hour – $1,000 deposit for the 1st 4 hours. $250 per hour for each additional hour.

All mediation fees include a non-refundable $250 cancellation fee.

*You are responsible for paying the court filing fees and any necessary court/filing fees separately.


Work with an experienced consulting firm that cares and has a proven track record helping individuals get solutions for their legal issues.

Sherlyn “Char” Selassie is a licensed Georgia & Florida attorney.
 Kingdom Court, Inc. dba Selassie Consulting Services