Disability Claims Consulting

Do you need help with your  Disability Claim anywhere in the United States? Selassie Consulting Services possesses the disability expertise to get your disability claims on the right track. We provide consultation, claims management, and appeals and can help in various ways.

Out Of Pocket

$500.00Stand-Alone Consultation Services for pre-retirement filing advice, retirement to disability conversion (financially this is not always advantageous, but can be beneficial if earlier health insurance via Medicare before age 65), and correspondence explanation and clerical assistance services (requested form completion)
$500.00Initial Consultation and Claims Filing Assistance for the Full Range of Title II Benefits (retirement, auxiliary, survivors)
$500.00Initial Consultation and Claims Filing Assistance for ESRD Medicare
$1,500Disability Specific PE Services--Continuing Disability Reviews for both medical improvement diaries and work reviews)
$350Consultation and Post-entitlement Assistance with Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) determinations
$250Medicare Part D Drug Subsidy Application Assistance
-Community Education Seminars (pre-retirement seminars and disability information sessions, high-level social insurance overview seminar)
$250Records Correction Assistance and Consultation Services (DOB discrepancies, earnings record corrections, SS-5 Numident requests for employment
$4,500 (payment arrangements available)Reconsideration/ALJ appeal for termination for medical improvement

Services Paid For By Government

$4,500Disability Specific Services--Initial Claims (Initial disability claims filing, to include childhood disability benefits, disabled widows benefits, and SSIDI applications for both children and adults)
$4,500Needs-based entitlements (SSIDI and SSIAI claims)
$4,500Initial claims resolved before appeal
Statutory FeeAll appeals beyond reconsideration requiring ALJ determination/appearance of counsel

Let’s get your disability claims on the right track. To get started, reserve your appointment to evaluate your case. We will confirm a meeting time that works best for you.