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Dr. Judah Selassie & Sherlyn “Char” Selassie are passionate about serving families in a way that will foster healing. They are excited to announce the launch of Law for Love Counseling & Coaching where families on the brink of divorce can get professional support that may help get their marriage back on track.

Law for Love

Family Law & Mediation

Seasons change, and people change. Sometimes these changes create conflict within families. Not all situations require immediate court action. Discover whether you can save the time, frustration, and expense by beginning with family law mediation.

Law for Love

Legacy & Estate Planning

Grief and loss is inevitable in every family, and we are intimately aware of the toll it takes on families–especially when there is no plan in place. The greatest act of love is to plan for our own estate, to remove that burden from the ones who will miss us when we transition to the next life. We equip our families with the essential tools and insights that will help their love ones navigate this major life event.

Law for Love Counseling and Coaching

Dr. Judah Selassie, D.C., MDev is the director of our pastoral care support. We often encounter couples who have given on counseling or feel they have tried everything. Because of our love for families, we offer practical perspective that  helps couples overcome communication barriers. Dr. Judah is thorough, deliberate, and fair and is ready to tackle the issues in order to help families grow stronger.

The Friendly Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce

Char possesses the experience of supporting families in a private, cooperative process to help both sides towards each of their goals. This process reduces stress and anxiety. Collaborating reduces the overall legal expense and the time it takes for both sides to feel heard. We firmly believe your family’s best legal option is working towards preserving dignity while creating a space for both sides and the children to seek healing through the process.

Work with family professionals who care about you and have a proven track record supporting families through disputes.

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